Deutschland Cup 2022 | Krefeld | 10.11.2022
Deutschland Cup 2022 | Krefeld
AUT vs. SVK | GER vs. DEN
Deutschland Cup 2022 | Krefeld | 12.11.2022
Deutschland Cup 2022 | Krefeld
GER vs. AUT | SVK vs. DEN
Deutschland Cup 2022 | Krefeld | 13.11.2022
Deutschland Cup 2022 | Krefeld
DEN vs. AUT | GER vs. SVK

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    Access DEB media gallery City-Press

    The City-Press GmbH picture agency processes the following personal data for the service: full name and e-mail address

    The above-mentioned data is collected for the purpose of access authorization for the DEB media gallery and is also saved on the servers of the City-Press GmbH picture agency. The data can only be viewed and edited by authorized persons. If further data is required, the user's consent is required again separately. The collected data will be deleted four weeks after the end of the tournament.

    Terms and conditions

    In case of acceptance the press representatives are able to collect their accreditations at the press entry.

    The accreditation authorizes the entry of the arena and the press tribune (approx 90 min before face off). If it's not possible to set up a mixed zone due to the corona pandemic and the associated possible restrictions, we'll ensure that all statements of players and coaches are passed on for your reporting. We'll of course inform you about this in advance. Please be aware that the entry of the dressing room areas, the rink and the guests of honor area is basically not allowed.

    Each photographer has to sign a disclaimer on the press entrance to receive the accreditation. They are just allowed to work in limited areas. Details will follow on time.

    Each member of the media agrees with the registration to stick to the applicable hygiene regulations and the corona behaviour rules at this time. The German Ice Hockey Federation recommends to wear a certified FFP2-mask during the tournament. We also request to stay away from the event in case of any signs of illness.

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